Roof Replacement??


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I have a 94 Skamper Pop-Up that the roof had leaked prior to me purchasing it.
I now have the task of repairing it, I have pulled the ceiling out of the camper which was Foam and now I wish to replace the material with something more sturdy, but I don't want to put too much weight on the lift system.
I had thought of 3/4 Treated Plywood but that would be way too heavy.
SO what can I use???
and What type of Adhesive can I use to hold it up on the roof?

Yeppers this is a Delema in the biggest way!
I just spent $300 getting the lift repaired I don't want to have to do that again..

Thank you
Robert in Houston..
:eek: :)


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RE: Roof Replacement??

I don't think you question has enouf info in it. What do you mean "roof" Are you talking rubber, plywood, or the inside paneling? Where is the leak. What's the problem?