Roof Sealants


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We took the plunge and purchased the Class A, 1984 Holiday Rambler for $2,700. The seller's husband took ill 2 years ago. They can no longer travel due to his health conditions.

We're wanting to give it the TLC it deserves and would like to start with the roof. Afterall, if that leaks it could ruin the entire MH.

Does anyone have suggestions/opinions about sealing a MH roof?

Thanks in advance! :)


RE: Roof Sealants

IMOP i would use the rubber roof coating that u can get at CW,,, (i did not say this) u can get the same stuff at Lowes or HD for alot less,, it's the same stuff but i doesn't have the RV logo on it ,, but if u read the ingreadents ,,as to say it's the same stuff,,, even made by the same company... ;) ;)