Rooftop storage


Has anyone had success mounting a rooftop cargo box/pod to the roof of a motorhome ?
I have a Jayco Escapade. I was looking to use a quick disconnect system that is sold at PPL motorhomes.
It is a two rail system. The bottom rail maounts to the roof with 4 screws and an adhesive and then the top rail which is bolted to the box pins to the bottom rail. It looks pretty slick. it can be romoved for cleaning or winter storage, or if the box needs to be replaced there is no messing with the roof penetrations.
Any advice or experince?


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Rooftop storage

Just that generally motorhomes have enough storage inside to handle the amount of CCC (cargo carrying capacity) they are designed for. Before adding any additional weight to the roof, weigh each of the 4 corners of the motorhome and see how much weight you can add to the rear axel(s) and the front axel. Also see if you are balanced left to right. If you have enough room to spare, select the location for your storage pod and temporarily put the amount of weight you expect to have in the pod at that location, and reweigh all four corners. If you are good to go, and the location does not impact anything already on the roof, mights well do it.

Keep in mind that weight up high raises your center of gravity, which may affect your ride and/or cornering ability
Rooftop storage

I would be concerned about the possible leaks caused by vibration on the mounting points of the rooftop carrier (even if it mounts to an existing roof handrail). Seems to me that headache would be enough of a deterrant for me.
Rooftop storage

Hmmmm, Ordered the kit from PPL motorhomes, got it today. Supposed to be manufactured by Ameri_Kart. This looks like it was manufactured in someones shed. The parts are all dirty, and not what they are supposed to be. Long list of things that look like I was scammed by PPL. I am going to call Ameri-Kart in the morning and find out what is going on. There is no way this could be mounted the way the instructions indicate. Hopefully this is just a mistake on PPL's part.
Rooftop storage

I wouldn't put more holes in my roof than it came with myself, but we all know what opinions are like. I hope you can get that thing to work so you can take pictures of it and show it off to us. :laugh: