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Hello everyone, I just got on this site. My wife and I will be retiring in about 3.5 years. A year before retiring we plan on selling the house and buying a 5th wheel trailer and one ton truck. We will downsize and store the remaining stuff. The day after we retire our plans are to head across Canada, down the East Coast of the U.S. then through the South. We will probably take a whole year to just travel.

After that we will be living up in southeast British Columbia or southwest Alberta. My wife is from Canada and our grandchildren and relatives are in that area. In the summer I will be headed to the West Coast of B.C. to Salmon Fish for a month or so. I told my wife that I have to get my saltwater fix at least for 30 days a year. At the end of December and holidays with the family we will head South. We will probably check places out until we find the area we like to Winter in, hopefully near water so I can fish.

Neither of us know anything about RVing so that is why I am here; to start learning. I probably will not be able to offer any advice because of our inexperience. Both of us love to camp and I have camped out of boats of various sizes for years too.

Yesterday we went to the Seattle RV Show and looked at some 5th Wheels. We looked at Montana and liked some of the layouts. I know nothing good or bad about those. We will need a 5th wheel that is well insulated until we can excape the frozen North. I am sure there are other brands as good or better.

I wanted to introduce myself and I hope you all don't mind the occassional question.

Best wishes.


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Re: Rookie W/out an RV

No, we don't mind questions and welcome to the form.

Check out the Gulf Stream's Prairie Schooner or Yellowstone. With Dual Pane Windows, they are rated to operate in -10 degrees. Best insulation factors you will find. Not only "enclosed and heated underbelly" like everyone else, but Gulf Stream takes 2 lines off the 42,000btu furnace and blows hot air into the underbelly. No one else does that.

Good luck in your search


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Re: Rookie W/out an RV

If you want to get a good education about RVs and what makes a quality one, spend the money to join the RV Consumer Group.

I would also suggest that you visit the Escapees website ( ) and go to the bookstore and get a copy of "Home is Where You Park It" to read. There are several other good books on the subject of living fulltime in an RV. We have now been living that lifestyle for seven years and I also invite you to visit our site (in my signature) to see how we live.

You would be very wise to rent an RV first and try traveling in one. There are many people who just do not enjoy the RV lifestyle. That is a great deal of money to spend for something that you may not enjoy!


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Re: Rookie W/out an RV

Thanks for the response guys. Kirk, I appreciate the sites. I hear you on the rentals and discerning whether you will enjoy the RV life style. Renting might be a little too expensive for the length of time we will need to make the decision. Instead, I will probably buy a used one, no more then a couple of years old. If I decided to sell, well then I at least would be able to recover more money then if I lost the money up front driving the new one off the showroom.

When I said I didn't know anything about RVing; wasn't to say I have not had any experience in one. I rented a Motor Home and drove it all over Alaska a few years back. I loved that so much I said someday it would be nice to drive one all over the continent. My wife at the time was not into the RV lifestyle, but my current wife actually lived in a 5th wheel up in Canada every Summer. Both of us like the simple life. I have a lot of experience with large boats, living out of them for weeks at a time. In some respects that may not be a lot different. There were maintenance issues, plus having to get rid of waste and hook up everything at every new dock, as well as deal with the space issues. I got a good buddy who owns a motorhome and is really into the RV lifestyle. A group of us have taken ten day trips with him flyfishing in Montana, Idaho, and Oregon, in all kinds of weather.

But, all that aside, I have never owned one. I would now, but working and other demands would make the layout of money for the time I could use it not very cost effective. So I instead camp out of the back of my truck.

I sure have a lot to learn and I take your advice very seriously.

Good travelin to you too. Mike

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RE: Rookie W/out an RV

Kirk, thanks for the link!

As a brand new RV'er I found it most informative and will be spending much more time on your site!