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Getting ready to retire. Just my dog and I. One child in Key West, 1 in Colorado, 1 in Seattle. Thought I would buy a class C with a toad and go back and forth. Don't want to drive a class a and don't need that much. I would appreciate suggestions, opinions, advice. Which brand?


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Look at the specs for that class C carefully. Many of them have really crummy towing capabilites and/or cargo carrying capability.

If you will be driving back and forth and staying at your kids houses, a class B might serve you better (lodging on the trip and driver when you get there). But if you will be staying in the motorhome, the class B will probably be too small.

If you will be staying at a kids place for an extended period, then a truck/trailer combination is another option. That way you only have one drive train (truck) to maintain and insure instead of 2 (motorhome and toad).


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The two quality leaders in the class C market is the Lazy Days and the Born Free. They have by far the best reputations in the industry.