Roor on 1990 Nw Wa Hitch Hiker II

Lee Crump

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I have a 27' 8" Nu Wa Hitch Hiker II that I have owned for about a year. It is in fantastic condition. I would like to keep it that way. I thought that I would seal the seams on the roof. The parts store asked me is I had a fiberglass or metal roof. I didn't know. I looked at it and I am still not sure. I think that it may be fiberglass but I am not positive. I have two questions. First, does anyone know what material the roof is made of? Second, The seams appear to have a tar like substance on them. Should it be there? If not, shoud I scrape it of and if I do, what should I replace it with?

Thank you.

DL Rupper

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RE: Roor on 1990 Nw Wa Hitch Hiker II

Hey Lee, welcome to the forum. My "95" HitchHiker II has a rubber roof. From the way you describe yours it sounds more like fiberglass. You might want to see how hard it would be to scrape off the tar like seam sealer. If it is too hard, you may be able to find a sealer that you can apply over the old. Local RV stores should be able to help you find a product that you can use to seal it with. If you can't find anything locally try and see about getting one of their catalogs. They have alot of different products for roofs.

As soon as the Laborday weekend is over the owner of Grandview Triailer Sales will probably be back online and he may have a suggestion of what product would work.


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Re: Roor on 1990 Nw Wa Hitch Hiker II

I used a tape called Eternabond on a leaking seam in my motorhome. Really sticky and forms to the seam. You just clean the area and put it down. You can check it out at You would need it with UV protection. It sticks.

Good luck.