Rot under windows


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I am looking to purchase a hilo or trailmanor and I have been unhappy with the used ones I have looked at.
It seems that as little as 5-7 yrs old have damage inside. Now this is also true with most every brand I have peeked into.
My question: What do you have to do maintance wise to avoid this leakage problem. Go in your RV and push with your thumb under the windows feel for swelling or rot.

Thanks Dale

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C Nash

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Rot under windows

Hi Dale,
Condensation can cause rot under windows. We get vapors from cooking, showering, and from our bodies which condense on the walls and windows. Running vents over stoves help prevent inside moisture when cooking. I try to run the bathroom vent, even in winter, when showering. I try to check for rain leaks often even when our rv is not being used. I don't think I have ever owned one that did not leak at some time. Keep close watch on window sealing and all joints. If we towed our homes up and down the road I bet they would leak also. Not making excuses for the RV manfactures, they could be improved but, when I see people towing them 65 and 70 mph I don't see how they even stay together! My advice store them under a shed when not in use and give it regular inspections and repair as needed. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash