rough ride


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My husband and I just upgraded from a 5th wheel to a class A motorcoach. We bought an 04 Safari Sahara. My first ride in it was not very pleasant. It was a very rough ride!! He said the air pressure in the tires could be let out some that would help some, but because the seats are over the tires it was going to be that way. We have air suspension. My first trip was down I-55 in Mississippi to Hammond,LA. He also told me the roads were rough which they are, but I literally was bouncing everywhere and got motion sick. Is this how most class A motorcoaches ride? If not, what are we doing or not doing? What would make the ride smoother?


rough ride

OH the roads in my lovely state :( , yep you can be sleeping and you know when you cross the state line.

Check the air in the tires but be sure they are inflated to the correct pressure for the load.

I am not sure but I believe most air ride systems are like my old one in that the pressure in them can be adjusted.

No class A's don't ride that rough they will do a little rocking forward and backward.


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rough ride

It sounds to me as though you motorhome has some serious problem. Are you sure that the air ride is set up properly. To me it sounds as though the air pressure in the air bags was either too high, or the air had been dumped and there was no air in them. Even a motorhome without air ride should ride better than that. Don't accept that, find out what is wrong.