Rough weekend with the storm


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it started out to go camping thursday afternoon with the whole family (wife's third time in past 17 mo.)...

rode around the camp trails on our atv's thursday made dinner for us(it was great)...

got up friday morning after breakfast went to knobles (only 40 miles from the camp ground) for the whole day...came back to the cg and after dinner made a nice we were listening to the radio there came a warning over the radio of severe storms in the area...well it started to rain big time...had to go back into the shed so the kids can watch a dvd...and it started to wife was seated in a metal folding chair in the middle of the shed, the kids were all laying in their bunkbeds and I was in a recliner behind her. All of the sudden a harsh lightning strike lit up the room and my wife was flat on the floor. The chair was across the room and she was unable to feel anything from the waist down. I lifted her to the recliner where she continued to complain of numbness in her legs and feet and severe chest pains. The kids and I were fine but the kids were terrified! I wanted to call 911 but couldn't get a signal on my Nextel. I drove her and the kids past Ambulance Hall and finally to a gas station where I used a pay phone to call. they responded quickly and transported my wife to the Hosp., we followed in my truck.The hosp staff evaluated my wife and monitored her heart to ensure that everything would be o.k. We finally made it back to camp by 1:30 am. Everybody's fine although the kids are still traumatized by the ordeal. I have great appreciation for the excellent job that the amb. people provided and thank them greatly for going out of their way to calm my kids nerves and help me to find my back from the hospital.

as she clamed that she felt like she was being electrocuted from the waste down when the flash hit..i feel that what she felt was from the shock of the fall from the was a big knocked the soda out of my left hand and the krispy-cream out of the right---lol...

i feel that the lightning struct something close outside of the shed...
(i dont camp in a camper like most of you i converted a shed into living quarters)

1. how safe are the sheds in a lightning storm?

2. how safe is to run the generator in a storm?

3. how safe is it to be on metal bunkbeds in a storm?


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Rough weekend with the storm

HI Ant, that was quite a time I'm glad to here all is well, boy that had to be a experience. I think the sheld is about as safe as anything, but definetly not be in a metal chair or a metal bunk, and I'd shut down the generator if it were outside exposed to the elements. Really gald to hear all is ok.
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