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We are taking a trip this spring, May thru June, to travel on any surviving portions of the old Route 66. We have a 6 year old that fell in love with the movie "CARS", so we are going to see if we can find "Radiator Springs". I understand that most of the old road is gone, but we are going to start in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and go to L.A. on whatever roads get us there. We have a 36 ft pusher and will be towing "Lighting McQueen" to use to drive around when we stop.
Any and all information and advice is greatly appreciated.
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We've been on part of that hwy in AZ and CA. You'll love the trip. I found a Soda Springs and a Peach Springs, but that's probably as close as you'll get. We did part of 66 around Joplin and Carthage, MO a few months ago... nice up that way too...
Oh for the good ol' days....

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Stop in Kingman, AZ and drive "Lighting McQueen" over to Oatman, AZ on old, old Route 66. It is a great drive , but the road is a switchback when you get close to Oatman (old mining Town) and vehicles over about 30' are prohibited. The town is a must see. Wild burros that come out of the hills to eat carrots out of your hand in the middle of town are fun for the kids. Also, they put on a old fashioned shootout in the middle of town. The town is an authentic mining town that still has mining operations going on in the surrounding hills. Don't miss it as it is on Route 66, but as I said you can't get there from Kingman on Route 66 unless you drive your towed vehicle. You can get there from Laughlin, AZ in your RV, but you miss the fun old road.


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Ah yes Oatmen is a neat place to see. Be careful the burros can also bite and kick since they are wild. Have never seen a gun fight there but maybe they did not show it the two times I was there. Lots of neat old things to see. Route 66 can be a bit boring and windy thru New Mexico but its still a good mix of highways.

This is from an internet site: (The “Cars” movie Web site has provided Route 66 aficionados another way to look at the fictional town of Radiator Springs.)

Good luck and enjoy your trip