RT or PB Cruiser

My wife and I are first time buyers. Just the two of us but we plan some extended trips cross country etc. We like both the Roadtrek and " BT Cruiser" type of Rv. Either would fit our needs. Is there any "conventional wisdom" re: the choice....such as "one is absolutely the best buy for the money" .......or" It's service history is notoriously bad" or any such other general info.
John and Susan
RT or PB Cruiser

Hi We own a 91 Roadtrek (bought new - now 136 k miles - all trips) and it was the best RV for us. We had a used small class A - new class C and then the RT. Its a bit crowded but the ease of driving and parking makes up for that. I don't know what a "BT Cruiser" is - so if you tell me I will get back to you with more info.
Thanks - E