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Owners Manual says this spring its time for Roof Maint. My question is should I do it myself or have it contracted, There is a couple that repairs and performs Maint on RV's at the Camp Site I keep my RV year round. If I let them do it what should they specifically do and what is a fair price. The book basically says Clean, Protect and caulk as necessary. I have never done it before and cannot think of anything worse than a leaky roof. The Resort owner says they do good work.
PS: The TT is 38ft so I guess by the way they advertize the length of these things the roof is 6 feet!!! (Its a joke) :)

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Re: Rubber Roof Maint

If your TT is fairly new and the rubber does not leak now, all you need to do is wash it 3 to 4 times per year with a good rubber roof cleaner or mild detergent and then rinse. If you really want to work you can even put a rubber roof UV sun protector solution on it. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON"T USE ANY PRODUCT CONTAINING PETROLEUM DISTILLATES. They are extremely bad for rubber roofs. The only hard part is getting the RV Park to allow roof washing and then physically climbing up on the roof. Gets harder every year. :laugh:


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Re: Rubber Roof Maint

Roof maintainence should be done at least once a year or more. Besides the washing, you should check the caulking at all seams and roof openings and re-do if necessary. In addition, it is a good time to raise the TV antenna and squirt some silicone on the gear mechanism. If you are not comfortable with climbing up on a very slippery surface and doing the work, I would hire it out to the folks approved by the campground. I don't know what a fair price is though. It is quite a bit of work but is cheap insurance and, if neglected, can become very costly if a leak developes.


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Re: Rubber Roof Maint

You should also use some rubber roof protectant on it if you get much sun. Its kind of like armour all for rubber roofs.