Rubber Roof Maintenance


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I was told by the previous owner of my 37' Breakenridge trailer that I can not put a winter tarp over the top because the trailer has a rubber roof. Can anyone let me know if this is true? And if it is true do I need to seal the roof before winter?
Rubber Roof Maintenance

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As a dealer, I have never heard that you cannot cover a trailer because of the rubber roof. In fact we have sold a lot of covers for the wintertime. However, I am talking about a cover made for the job. I did have one customer that used a blue tarp that you can buy everywhere. It got loose during the winter and the wind whipped it. When he took it off in the spring, all the moving had worn through the rubber in several places on the edges of the roof. Perhaps that is what the previous owner was talking about. If you pay for a true cover, you probably won't have problems.

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Rubber Roof Maintenance

Thanks Grandview. That's good info to know about the blue tarps. I'm going to the factory next month and get a 11 year old rubber roof replaced and I've thought about putting some kind of tarp over it when I'm stuck here in happy valley Ohio. Now I know better. Thanksi