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Youins may can help me with something, was camping and a lady had her clearance lights burning at night without being connected to the tow rig, she had a plug that she connected to the male plug that is hooked to the camper. has anyone seen or heard of this type of plug? anyone with a idea? We see this a lot at night while we are camping people with there clearance lights on.


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You could do that by making a plug to connect to it that has a jumper wire from the pin for the 12V charge connection from your tow vehicle to the pin connecting to the clearance lights. I have seen it done. It isn't at all difficult do do. Since the charge lead connects to your battery, that would allow the battery to supply the clearance lights.
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good ideas! but what I'm looking to find out is, what kind of plug (A female 7wayRV plug with some sort of power pack inside of it) no wires just a female end that goes to the male 7wayRV plug that makes the lights burn. it must be something new.
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That I don't know about. Like Kirk said, you have a 12 volt terminal in the trailer plug that is used for charging the battery. Naturally, it is hot with the battery voltage. The running light terminal is right beside it. All most people do is jump the two and that turns the lights on.
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Ahh, you guys are just spoiling it all. Everyone already knows that they put that miniature nuclear reactor inside that 7-way plug. You knew you couldn't hide it from us forever!

PaPaw, it isn't something new, either. The technology behind it came from those downed ships in New Mexico. That was a long time ago.