RV and camping in California

[Giacomo & Oliviero] This summer we would like to visit California using a RV.
Do you think that we could drive and park it easily in LA and San Francisco to see those towns? Is it possible to park a RV in a public parking in a city?
Are there any campings near San Francisco?
Thank you!
RV and camping in California

[Matt Hill] I don&#039t know much about RV lots for overnights here in LA proper, but be careful about just plopping it on the street. The city gets lots of heat from residents about RV&#039s on residential streets. Lots of "almost homeless" set up old campers and live in them. They&#039re rarely welcomed. I know there are County and State owned lots along the Pacific coast highway near Malibu and points North that will allow limited parking. (check out Zuma, Surfrider, Leo Carillo, Will Rogers Beaches). I&#039ve driven by and seen RV&#039s parked right next to the beach. Small pavillions have showers and fire pits are often on the sand. Looks like a great place to stay on the most expensive real estate in LA!