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Question: Has anyone every come across a boat carrier that attaches to the back of a 5th Wheel in order to carry a 12' aluminium boat? We were talking to a gentleman that said he has seen one, but can't remember where. We do quite a bit of traveling up and down Hwy.5 and have never seen such a thing.
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RV Boat Carrier

To the back? I doubt it. 12' would mean the boat sticks up above the trailer (or drags on the ground) and would probably damage the boat or trailer or both. Some 5ers can tow a boat trailer, subject to state law. Possibly a place to carry the boat is over the cab of the pickup truck, weight distributed on the rails behind the cab and to the front bumper. I doubt this would work with anything other than a long bed, crew cab truck.

Or you could forget the aluminum boat and go for an inflatable...