Rv buying savy


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I plan on buying a 5th wheel soon and have been doing my homework on the different brands, models, floorplans, specs and warranties. So far thats the fun part. I was hoping some of you who have been through the purchasing process can give me some advice. First off, are the prices fixed / solid or is there bargaining room on the price?
Is it like buying a car where you can haggle a bit? If so, what percentage or other should I be looking at. This will be my first 5er purchase. Also any particular time of year or show that would be be advantageous? I'm not trying to be a cheapskate just a bit savy. After reading this forum for the last few weeks I can tell there are some knowledgeable owners / Rvers out there who are very helpful. It won't be for awhile but my goal is to be fulltime but for now its just getting my feet wet.
thanks in advance- Mick


Rv buying savy

I own a class A but there are several things that work both ways.

Yes there is bargining room or haggling so to speak.

As to what floor plan you plan on using, that sort of depends on your perferences. Do you plan on keeping the 5 er as your ful time rv.

As a suggestion before I would buy, go and rent one for a weekend similar to the floor plan you like.

Some of the guys swear by slides some don't care for them. If you are going to be moving and on the road a lot seems slides would be a little hassle for boom docking but thats my opinion.


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Rv buying savy

Yes, plenty of bargaining room. Generally a target of 70 to 75% of list should be attainable with good bargaining techniques. Even more if you can find a last years model you like. I ended up getting mine for the blue book used price.

If you get a slide or slides, make sure you can cook and eat a meal, use the bathroom and take a nap without extending the slide(s), or you will be unable to use the RV in places where extending the slide is not appropriate.

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Rv buying savy

If you don't have a tradein you can expect to get a few grand off the purchase price. Especially if you order from the factory and not just take what is available on the lot. Slides are a selling gimick for the manufacturer. 2 slides are ample to all needs. The excess weight the slides cause are detrimental to most towing situations. Unless you own a medium size or larger tow truck, keep the weight down on the 5er.
We have been fulltiming for 10 years and tow a 12000 lb, 30' 5th Wheel, 2 slides, with a Dodge 2500 Ram Cummins Diesel. No problem; however, we are maxed out weight wise. I don't know how the fools that tow 36', 15000lb, 5th Wheels with 3/4 ton or even 1 ton pickups sleep at night. They are a menace to the highway. If you want all the comforts of home. Stay home. The fun of RV'ing is camping. Not dragging your full sized home all over the countryside. Amen.