RV Communiity Growing


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You may be familiar with the Half Price Camping Club, run by Ann Pierson. There is lots of information on that site in the forums about trips. Now, Anne started RV Scrapbook, the worlds ONLY social network for RVers! Journal your RV trips, create an RV blog (RV travelogue), invite camping friends, chat, share RV trip pictures and more. Please visit either or both in your search for the perfect camping place. :laugh:

Our RV was damaged by hail and we are almost ready to take the first trip in our resurrected Beauty. :cool:  On the road again ...


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Re: RV Communiity Growing

I looked at your 'blog', and it looks like you have an ad there for 'RV Scrapbook'. If someone clicks that ad and goes to 'RV Scrapbook', do you get some money?

Sorry to hear about your RV. Perhaps it was damaged this past May when those storms rolled in from the west over Austin.

We were camping in Fredericksburg, when these huge hailstorms kept coming over us. The wind reminded me of the hurricanes that we have been through. Luckily the hail didn't damage our MH, but it sure made some really loud music on our plastic roof!