RV Consumers Group?


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Looking to buy a good quality travel trailer in the 24-29' within the next 9-12 months to full time in for a year, or more if I like it, and I was wondering if it was worth it to join the RV Consumers Group?

Does anyone belong or have knowledge of this group?




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Re: RV Consumers Group?

We have been members and are strong supporters of the group. If you were to visit the Escapees RV Club website you would find that the vast majority of them have similar experience to ours. They are the only group who rate RVs by make, and model who do not depend upon the RV manufacturers for their income and as such are the nearest thing that exists to an unbiased rating system. They also supply members with a great deal of educational materials about how they rate RVs and what each of the ratings mean and they supply you with information to use in rating an RV for yourself. In addition, they will teach you what to look for and where to look when evaluating a used RV. To join the RV Consumer Group would probably be the best decision that any new RV buyer could make.