RV Content Writer Needed


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I am looking for a content writer for an online publication who is knowledgable and passionate about RVs, travel and the outdoors. Demonstration of previously published articles online is a boon, but don't be discouraged from applying if you don't have any.

I am particularly looking for folks who own an RV, and have hands-on knowledge on how to repair/install/maintain various components of their RV.

The expectations will begin at around 6-8 articles a month (roughly 10-15k words). The ability to provide your own photos for the articles is a bonus (and will be remunerated in addition to the word count). Once we have established a rapport on the writing style, then the number of articles per month may increase (should you wish).

The rate of pay will depend on the experience and knowledge of the applicant. I am looking for someone to stick with me for the long-term, and reviews of the rate per word/image will be carried out periodically.

Closing date for application - 31st September 2019

About Me:
Geologist, hiker, husband, and father of a wee 2-year-old boy, I run a handful of websites that cater to outdoorsy folks.

If interested, please apply through this link: https://forms.gle/Y89Qm4JXLrxH5mPY6 (takes you to a google form)