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I am wondering if anyone has any experience with any RV cover manufactuers other than ADCO? I bought an ADCO cover about three years ago from Camping World and it only lasted through the 2 year warranty period before it basically fell apart. The top material was a breathable fabric that basically turned into tissue paper and tore if several places to the point it became worthless. The side material held up fine though. We patched it in several places and finally had to toss it. I definetly will not buy another one of this type/brand/style. As you know, these are very expensive and should lasst for more than 2 years with noraml use. We took it on and off about 4 to 5 times a year.

Common question would be:
Was it the right size-YES
Was it subject to windy conditions-NO

We live in So Cal where we have very mild weather and we purchased the model that that recommended for our region on their website. I see that they now advertise them with Tyvex, and I don't belive ours was made with that material. Maybe these are better?

I have seen other manufacturers, some less expensive, some more, and thought maybe someone could share their experience with what they use and how they hold up.
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Thanks for the reply. I'll look into this one.

118 reads and I can't believe that no one else has an RV cover (any mfr.), or anything to say about them? Where are all of the real RV'rs here?
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There is a less expensive ADCO cover, then there is a better one. The lesser has the breathable top that allows the trailer to get wet and then dry. The better has a top material that will keep the trailer dry and still breathable enough to prevent mildew.


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I've used all kinds of car covers for years, and generally they disintegrate in 1 to 2 years no matter how good they are. Annoying at $60, unacceptable at $600. Also, I've read posts which have claimed that the covers can 'wear' on the RV if there is much movement due to wind. I'd be more inclined to look for covers which are 'free-standing' and don't contact the RV anywhere.
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It appears that you are a dealer, or work at one by your signature website?

I know that they make different covers out of different materials for different applications regions, etc. What I would like to know is what experience have you had as a dealer, from customer feedback about the different covers, material, and mfrs. I'm sure that you have heard "something" about the different covers if this is your line of business.
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Certainly don't base the budget on it, but we sell several covers a year and most are ADCO. I was driving through a campground yesterday looking at a trade in and saw 5 or 6 we sold. One has been used for probably the 5th year this winter. We honestly have had no one come back complaining.

I was looking at the tops like I stated earlier. I believe all the ones we sold in that campground had the better top. I saw lots of the "lesser" tops and thought about you.
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Thanks Grandview. I may give them another chance and buy the Tyvex top model. Is that the one your talking about, or the polypropolyne (white plastic material) one?