RV Fire

I'm a US Marine and returned from Iraq last year when my wife and I decided that because I am close to retirement that we would buy a coach to see more of what I had been defending. We went to what we had heard was a reputable dealer, FINDLAY RV in Las Vegas. We got what we thought was a great deal and returned a week later to pick our 2002 Damon Intruder. We decided to stay in Vegas that night (Sept 10, 05). We had parked, hooked up, and walked to the store to pick up a few things. I returned with one of my daughters ahead of my wife only to find flames shooting out of the vent stack above the frig. We were able to prevent a total loss due to some great folks in the Circus Circus RV park that night (both guests and staff). It was a very dangerous situation but everyone was awesome. We returned the RV the next morning after calling our insurance company. FINDLAY RV made all the right promises to keep the sell but has FAILED mesirably since then in keeping the promises. They had promised to make our first payment due 10 Oct 05 and as of today have failed to do so. They also took over 60 days to get an appropriate estimate to my insurance company. They now have most of the parts to start an over $30K repair job, however my confidence in their ability is not high. I hope they can turn this around. More to follow....