RV for Small Pickup.

I am a newbie looking to buy an RV. Is there a smaller RV with a regular sized double bed or larger that I can pull with a small pickup like a Toyota Tacoma. All the smaller RV's I've seen to this point come with tiny beds and thin foam mattresses. Is there anything else out there or am I kidding myself? Thanks for the help.


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Yes and Yes
Have a couple of aquaintence's that have a small 5th wheel with queen bed and a tow trailer with the same. Just look at the capacity of you Toy and visit a few RV lots.

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Thanks for the reply. Now I have another stupid question. Who is grandview? Dealer, manufacturer, friend? Thanks again.


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rv dealer and friend ,, he goes by Grand View Trailer Sales on here ,, just look thru the other post and u'll see him ,, he is a good honest guy ,, and i can say this ,, cause i have met him and his family in person ,, and he'll do u right ,, and take of u after the sale ,,, ;) ;) ;) ;) :approve: :approve: :approve:

Bty welcome t to the forum :) :) :) :approve: :approve: :approve:
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Hello there and welcome to the forum,

We sell a lot of Amerilite 21MB's, made by Gulf Stream. Right now we are sold out and waiting for more. They weigh in about 3,300lbs., have a queen bed in front with dinette, full kitchen and rear bathroom.

Our last one left today behind a Nissan Xterra, but we have them being towed by Ford Rangers, S-10's, Jimmys, and a Kia SUV that I can't remember the name of. My brother tows one with a Jeep and we also have customers with Toyotas!

Get in touch with me by Private Message and we can talk.