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I have a 1999 dutchman lite I just purchased. It has a three way fridge.
As I camp mostly in campgrounds without power and I leave it at the lake when I am not working the battery keeps running down every couple of days due to the fridge needing power to run even though it's running on LP GAS. It never had an owners manual with it. Is this working right or am I not finding a switch to make it independent of 12 volt as the older three way fridges?

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Re: RV Fridges

Ernie, it is probably working properly. Most will require voltage regardless of the source of fridge cooling. You may also have other devices that pull a small amount all time. Might need to ck into installing a solar panel to keep battery charged.
Re: RV Fridges

Your refer. needs 12 volts to work the controls. You also have an LP leak dectector that constantly drains the battery. You trailer is normal. You should consider adding a solar panel to keep the battery charged if you don't have a way to plug into elec. They make one to charge the battery and one to recharge due to usage. You need the one to recharge due to usage.
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If you don't want to spend the money for the solar panel, try 2 6volt batteries hooked in series. This will give you more power than 2 12volts hooked in parrallel. Also if your batteries are original they may need replacing anyway. The average life span of a Deepcycle battery is 3 years.