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I received the following from Escapees RV club. I think that it does warrant our support.

quote:Escapees E-News Release

Fairbanks Considers Repeal of RV Parking Restrictions


We recently learned that the city council in Fairbanks, Alaska, is considering the removal of restrictions against overnight RV parking. The current ordinance prohibits any overnight parking on any private property in the city unless it is a licensed campground. The proposed changes were described to us by Pat Cole in the mayor's office.

Proposed Ordinance 5610 will be up for public hearing, and possible final action, at the City Council Meeting of August 8, 2005. If passed, it would be legal to "camp" anywhere in the city with the consent of the property owner so long as:

1. you are in a self-contained RV with water and wastewater holding tank, or

2. you are in a tent with onsite water and sewer service and not paying, or

3. you are camping at a place with a state public accommodations permit

Local campground owners are rallying to fight the proposed changes.

At this time, we don't feel that a huge letter and email writing campaign would be appropriate. If you wish to get involved, a brief note or email indicating your support for the proposed ordinance is probably the best way to go. After all, these folks are on our side. What would really make an impression would be for some RVers to be physically present at the city council public hearing on August 8th.

We realize that this is short notice, but if anyone is currently in the area or knows someone currently traveling in that area who might be interested in helping the cause for RVer's rights, here is a golden opportunity!

The mayor and his staff can be contacted as follows:

Mayor Steve Thompson: 1(907) 459-6793 smthompson@ci.fairbanks.ak.us

Patrick Cole, Chief of Staff: 1(907) 459-6760 pbcole@ci.fairbanks.ak.us

The city of Fairbanks website at www.ci.fairbanks.ak.us also has complete contact information and maps to the mayor's office and city hall. City Hall is located at 800 Cushman Street in Fairbanks.