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I'd like to here some opinions on these. We recently upgraded from a travel trailer to a 5th wheel. I never ran into clearance issues with the trailers but we've had some close calls with the 13'5" height of the 5th wheel.

I know the GPS units with height and weight features aren't fool proof, in fact I've read articles that blame these devices for most of the truck collisions with bridges because many drivers trust them exclusively. I've been using AllStays Pro to help me with low bridge clearances but it's difficult to layout an entire trip that way.

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I think GPs are the cause of a lot of problems. I followed one yrs ago when we had a 5th wheel and it led me on a dead end rd and I had to back the 5th wheel back for what seemed like a mile before I could turn around. And it was night LOL. Gps along with a trucker map may help. We do like to folly back roads when possible and it helps to stop and ask a local if in doubt. Fire depts are generally knowledgeable about roads in their area. I know this don't help if planning a long trip. Good luck
Installing a good GPS in RV is highly recommended to avoid unexpected accidents. I also think solely depending on the device itself is not a wise choice. You should be active while driving and also setting up the device properly is a key to receive proper notifications.

However, I bought a Garmin RV 660LMT from here https://outdoorfact.com/10-best-rv-gadgets-you-should-equip/

The product is great to help steer me clear of low overpasses. Had a routing failure when the unit gave me directions under a 12' overpass with a 13.5' rig. Turns out I forgot to choose the correct vehicle profile so it was a user failure and not a product failure. It gives me more confidence that I won't turn down a dead-end road. The product will not work correctly without all dimensions filled in, so be sure to measure height, length, width, and weight before using it.
I would recommend most any Garmin unit. The map is very detailed, and their customer service is great.

I agree with you. It's better to use a device that will provide the exact visualization of the map. If it requires to spend some extra bucks, that's okay.


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I also agree with Garmin, I am using Garmin 770 and love it. There is bluetooth connectivity, touch screen control, and much more. What I like the most is that it is compatible with Garmin smartwatches
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