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I am a total beginner. My dream has been to travel the country for several months just seeing the beauty of the USA. I keep hearing that I am crazy and wasting my money on an RV, but I am so excited. I was wondering if there was some folks out there who can give me some pointers, let me know im NOT crazy hopefully. I am looking at a 1997 jamboree by fleetwood, with about 52K miles, good condition, on sale for 16.5K Opinions? recommendations? I am buying out of houston texas. my intention is to start this trip in july/august 08, is there a good buying season for RV's? i hear its the next few months, so would I want to wait a few months, or snag this one that looks pretty good right now? Ill take any advice someone wants to give! :) thanks!


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Don't rush in to any RV-related purchase. Spend some time learning all you can learn about RVs, the kinds of troubles people are having and what to look for in an RV. Think about your space requirements and what you want to be able to do. Are you sure you want a class C? How long will you be staying in one place - do you want a vehicle to run around in? What's your budget for your purchase? Will you be camping without any hook ups at times? Have you thought about renting a class C for a long weekend to see what the pros and cons are? Welcome to the forum and good luck with your learning curve - give it time!
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well here is the pickle. my brother is actually learning all he can about various RV's by looking around to buy one for me. my budget is around 15K for the actual RV. I don't really have the luxury of renting one for a test. I am overseas working in the middle east. I am quitting this job in 6 months and when I come home is when I want to take 2-3 months and just drive the country. I figure Ill be doing a little of both hooked up camping and non hooked up. I want something relatively small yet with some space. the class c has shown to be more affordable and driver friendy for someone not used to them. My brother drives an ambulance at times and he says its almost like driving one of those. My mother has told me that all her friends think its a waste of money and I told her to ask some more friends, lol! My thoughts as of now are to pull or stow a scooter for short trips around towns and such. I want to stay away from big cities and see mostly some of the beauty of the country. The one I am looking at now my brother saw and he said it has a lot of little things he had never seen on the others we have looked at, or HE has looked at, and they make it a little nicer. he said he didn't smell any mildew, everything looks practically brand new...and I hate to pass up a good deal, if it is in fact a good deal...Thanks for responding!


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First of all, I suggest that you use the website www.nadaguides.com to determine what retail prices should be. That is where most of us learn such information. On the quality of an RV the best source of such information and for education about how to check one out is to join the RV Consumer Group at www.rv.org .

I would also suggest that you check our the Escapees RV Club as another source of help. www.escapees.com
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miap7, I was there once...wanting an RV to travel in. I grew up probably like most, started in tents, then campers and then the parents bought an MH. I left home and always had the dream to own an RV. Well today I do !! There's lots of good information out there...but it won't say if its the way you want to travel (life style). You could always have the MH inspected for mechanical and related components..(I would if the cost is bearable). It sounds like the MH is in your price range and if everything checks out...its your decision. Try to invision the lifestyle of living in a MH, both days and nights and consider the related costs, fuel, maintenance, camping, meals and the rest. We are all different and have our own reasons for doing what we do. If and when you do, enjoy :) :)
I certainly do ;)
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We have made so many wonderful mistakes buying campers that we could have stayed in nice motels for less, but we hate motels and we love camping. We now consider repairs just part of the experience. So we don't worry too much about our purchases unless they have bad leaks. Mechanical things can be fixed. Buy what you want, never second-guess yourself about it, and have fun seeing this incredible country the way it should be seen.


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Hey miap7, welcome to the forum. Go for it if the RV checks out. We have been on the road for 13 years and have loved it. Not all of our family thinks it's a great way to live, but what do they know.


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They are just jealous and really want to do it also , just do not know how.
Have it checked out and enjoy the experience, you will not regret it.