RV indoor storage


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Hi all.
I'm new to this. I have 5 acres of farm and am going to build a barn for several purposes. The greatest portion is for RV storage rental units. I need to know how wide to make the units. They will be 48' deep with 14' high doors and either 12 wide or wider units. Would you or others want wider, like 14',16' or 18' wide? Would the wider units be good for RV's with slide outs and storage doors to open and still walk around for pretrip and posttrip packing?

Also people will just be storing units here and do they just need 20 amp 120 volt power outlets? I don't want heaters etc. running all winter as that would be expensive for me.


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RV indoor storage

Hi storagegirl and welcome to the board!

I believe 20 amp would be just right for prepping the RV for travel. However, be sure to make it know you don't want heaters left unattended in the unit because you don't need one shorting out and burning down the whole barn with all the RV's in them. If it were me I would only turn the power on to the particular unit's plug-in when the RV is being prepped for leaving or arriving. Otherwise I would have no power set to go to any of the units. Just my opinion. Remember you can always have the barn itself climate controlled.


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RV indoor storage

I am just now building 100 RV storage condos in Beaumont California. (On the way to Palm Springs)

There is
a site plan on my web site http://www.rvstorage.biz

I have several sizes, but be sure to have your door widths at least 12' wide.

My unit will be sold, not rented. Sort of a novel idea that has really caught on.

Best of luck.