Rv inside lights Do not work on dc battery power only work on plugged ac

Hello i have a 2002 28ft majestic class c , the problem is that evrything works fine when im either plugged in to ac or when i run the generator But if i just want to run my interior lights or look at my control dash nothing works , i looked at the breaker fuse box that is on the back bed right side of the rv and they looked fine switched everything on and off removed all fuses and put them back, i also looked under the hood for a breaker switch next the solenoid and did not see any switch at all, i did reset the plug outlet that is inside the restroom, i checkd the generator breaker and turned it off and on,i recharged all my 3 cabin batteries and also my engine battery, checked for fuses under the hood all seemed fine
Any help please??
I am not a motor home expert, but all RVs work about the same. Most of the interior lights are 12 volt. There might be an occasional 120 volt light, but not the norm. What you are talking about is the 12 volt system, stop checking breakers and GFI switches. In Motor Homes, your "house" batteries have a switch. Make sure that is on. I don't know where it is in yours, but sometimes right by the entrance door. IF that is on, check for an inline fuse right off the batteries.

Hope that helps, welcome to the forum, and please let us know if you got it fixed!!
Just because you "charged" your batteries, doesn't mean that they are any good. Put a voltmeter on the batteries to see if they have any voltage ... while you have the lights on.
Thank you i checked by the house batteries all around under the seat , underneath the rv and by the entrance door and i do not see any switch or fuse at all , anywhere else i should look ? Thank you

C Nash

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Do you have a wiring diagram for the rv? Have you looked under the dash for a fuse? Did you do as Tex said ck voltage with all lights on? If all works with shore power or gen they should work with just batt power if the batt are ok.