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We've just purchased an RV and will be beginning full time RV life next month. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding insurance companies that any of you feel are good insurers.

Thank you in advance for your help :)

Gary B

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RV Insurance

Hi Rose1942, personally I'd stay with the ins. companies I presently have. For our RV's we use our local agent and the insurance co we have been with for many years. Good luck in the new life style! :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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RV Insurance

I know that this answer is late, but I hope that you don't follow the advice given. You need to go to one of the RV specific underwriters and get coverage for a full-timer. If you do as the last post suggests you will not have liability insurance for someone getting injured when visiting you in your RV. That is left to your home-owners policy and since you probably won't have any home and thus won't have an insurance policy on a house. Try visiting these sites:



They are both insurance agencies that specalize in covering RVs and they understand the needs of a full-timer. The auto insurance companies just do not understand what you need and they don't write it either.
RV Insurance

Find and agent who underwrites for Foremost RV Insurance. It is the absolute best and absolute least expensive with full coverage.

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RV Insurance

Bad advice to use the same insurance company that you use for your car or truck. Be sure company specializes in RV insurance. Try RV Alliance America. Think they are at www.rvaa.com. If not, do a search.
Good luck