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Good Sam is cheaper ($70 to 100 vrs $126) than AAA, and better (for road service at least). Good Sam towing is 'unlimited', AAA is 100 miles. AAA has some non-road service features that Good Sam does not, but unless you really use these benefits, I'm wondering if there is any benefit for the RVer to have AAA at all.


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I had AARP after doing much research a few years ago. Until a year or so ago and did a seach and info check again and now I have Allstate Motor Club and I am happy with it. Also their membership included a membership to KOA which I could have taken or left. I have good sam membership and have had for a long time and have been a full time member for a few years. I have heard both good and bad about them and I have found that most the things they offer are higher than what I can find elsewhere.


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Re: RV Insurance

Will the Allstate Motor Club send a tow truck for your tow vehicle and a tow truck for the trailer? Good Sam will. I call that 2 for the price of one. :approve: