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I'm thinking of switching from State Farm to Good Sam VIP (GMAC) insurance for my 2007 Montana fifth wheel. Has any one had any experience, good or bad, with the Good Sam insurance. Thanks.
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I have never used that insurance but I would highly recommend John Bowness with Country Insurance for great rates and great coverage. Call him at 970-506-1392.

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I have used Good Sam VIP and they are good on claims, but they kept raising my rates until they got pricey. Progressive Direct has better rates. They beat VIP by $50/month. However, I have no experience with them on claims. Progressive is controversial as they give/donate money to far left wing causes. :dead:


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I've got Good Sam (GMAC) and they have been pretty good so far (have not filed any claims though). Someone reported that they disallowed a claim as 'normal wear and tear', might want to search for previous threads on this topic.
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RV Advantage - offers options for RV'ers. I just put insurance on my 5'er rig yesterday and saved a bunch over my regular insurance, plus got better coverage. Good Sam was higher.

FCIS - Farm & City Insurance Services offers it - toll free # for them, then option 1 for RV Advantage - tell'em what you want and get a quote and compare.

Farm & City Insurance Services
P.O. Box 248
Forest City, IA 50436

Phone: 1-641-585-2925
Fax: 1-641-585-5166
Toll Free: 1-800-331-1520
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I use http://www.explorerrv.com/, and my experience has been excellent. My rates haven't increased after three years, even after having to file a claim for damage to my RV. They had the lowest rates that I could find a few years ago, and are probably still the lowest. BTW, when I did have to file a claim, the process was very smooth and quick.