RV Kitchens Newsletter

A quick note to let you all know about a great little e-zine. I have been a subscriber for the past several months to the RV Kitchens Newsletter and have been really enjoying it. Little 2 or 3 paragraph articles on an interesting variety of topics plus a monthly recipe. The whole thing is a little bit “off-the-wall”, but generally a lot of fun.

I am not connected with the publication – just here to let others know about it. Oh, and it’s free! Check it out at www.RVKitchens.com.

Marty T, Folsom, CA
RV Kitchens Newsletter

I just wish that site had a promise not to distribute our email addresses to someone else. Its getting hard to trust web sites any more. One newsletter (not this one) I subscribed to turned out to be an email collection site for auto accessories. The spam was horrendous. :disapprove:
RV Kitchens Newsletter

If you use Yahoo mail you can set-up your Address Guard addresses to give out to these type of places. You still get the mail at your regular yahoo account but at any time you are getting too much junk mail from your Address Guard address you can delete it and poof go all the spam-mail! I love it!
RV Kitchens Newsletter

Good to see others are enjoying "RV Kitchens". I've been a subscriber for several months and have not had any spam problems relating to the site. We have been having a lot of fun with the newsletter! Did you try the Turkey Picadillo? We did and it was wonderful!