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Hi, I'm new to this forum.
Can anyone please give me up to date information on Rig lengths in Canada. I want to purchase a 45ft rig but I notice that most Canadian states have a 12.5 metre (41ft) limit. Also is there any length restrictions in Mexico.
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You might be able to find this informaiton in the front of the Trailer Life Directory (Good Sam Publication of campground listings, etc., available at many bookstores). I do not have the current issue - mine is a 95.

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Up to date info on Canada motorhome lengths:
Alberta, 13m
BC, 14m
Manitoba, 14m
New Brunswick, 12.5m
Newfoundland & labrador, 12.5m
NW Territories, 12.5m
Nova Scotia, 14m
Ontario, 14m
Prince Edward Island, 14m
Quebec, 14m
Saskatchewan, 14m
Yukon, 12.5m

Trailer lengths are 12.5m in all Provinces except, NW Terriories it is (NS) total combined (trailer and tow vehicle) length of 23m and Yukon is 16.15m.

All according to 2008 Trailer Life Campground Directory.
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Thanks for the info.
However has anyone actually got into Canada with a 45ft rig. In other words do the Police rigorously enforce length laws and if they do what are the fines?


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:( "if they do what are the fines?" :question:

Is this to say that you would plan to visit a foreign country and to violate their laws in all of your travels?
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I don't want to break any laws but I know that Prevosts are made in Canada and I have seen 45ft ones in Toronto. Nowhere on Prevost's website does it say that 45ft motorhomes are for export only.
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OK I've just realised that 14m (i.e 45ft) are allowed in Ontario and most of Canada so I will have to plan my trip accordingly.
Thanks .