RV Length Limits

Dave Scott

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Not sure where this message belong but since I'm new I'm putting it here.

Recently I received the response below from a fellow who has an RV rig for sale. http://tinyurl.com/gujy2

I have not heard the method of measuring RV’s described quite this way before. This answer came as I had questioned the legality of his vehicle as the bumper to bumper length is 80' and referenced the information which I found here http://www.wecamp2.com/size.html

Appreciate any comments from the group.

David A. Scott
Central Coast, California

The 80 foot length they are referring to is only the length from the tire axles that actually touch the road surface. As far as length of two units or three is not really a issue. The length laws are the distance between the axles, not bumpers. In Ga. a commercial vehicle does have restricted lengths off on some secondary roads but you are not driving a commercial vehicle, this tractor uses a tag like a car, it is a recreational vehicle, not tractor/trailer and not commercial licenses. Recreational vehicles do not have the same requirements that commercial trucks have. If this truck's title was registered any other way, you would have to meet other requirements, such as license, DOT scales, physicals, drug screening and plates. Registered as a RV, it is just like your personal vehicle.


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Re: RV Length Limits

Never heard of a 80' RV before, 35; or 40' or 45' never an 80' New to me so I can not help

DL Rupper

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Re: RV Length Limits

California had restrictions on RVs bigger than 40 foot. The 45 foot RV's had to stay on primary divided hwys. Something like that. Don't think they have the restrictions anymore. The TrailerLife Campground Directory has a a state-by-state Rules of the Road & Towing Laws. ;)