RV Park pros and cons

We have stayed in about eight different RV parks in the western states in our two rv trips to date. I find the cost, the hooking up and the departure to be more trouble than a motel, lugging stuff in and out. Our last stay at a park was akin to being a canned sardine. We could almost hear our neighbor's thoughts.

I've heard from several folks that they seldom use an RV park, preferring to park at a walmart store or Flying J, etc. For free. Upon our return home I told my wife that I think the $20 - $30 per night at the parks and the hooking and unhooking hoses, etc may be unnecessary.

Maybe finding a dump and fresh water every other day is more trouble than the parks? Are there any of you more experienced folks that can comment on this notion of mine?

Gary B

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RV Park pros and cons

Hi Dale, your question can really only be answered by you, we find that $20 to $30.00 is alot less than we would have to pay at a decent motel, last time we stayed at a motel it was $55 to $75.00 per night, we still had to carry our bags in and then find everything at the bottom of the bag. We really like sleeping in OUR OWN bed that we know the bedding was /is clean, after 30 years working on the road I very much dislike eating at most rest. We have been rving for 25+ years and have stayed at campgrounds out in the woods, on the desert, afew times in parking lots when neccessary, but our best times have been in rv camopgrounds, we now have friends from all over the USA & Canada, we really enjoy visting with other folks and so do they. We have never met any one at a parking lot or in rest areas. Personally I feel if the price of a clean secure place to park cost too much then it time to do someting else. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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RV Park pros and cons

$20 to $30 a night seems a bit steep. With a bit of searching (and a membership in Passport America), you may be able to often stay at an acceptable place and keep it in the $10 to $20 a night range.

Since I have a trailer (hate to try to back up), I have so far been able to find pull through sites, and these have all (so far) been at least tolerable. My significant other has breathing problems, and so I wear foam earplugs anyway.

And if you don't need a service, don't hook it up! Several times I've pulled into a park, yanked out the electrical cord and plugged it in, and went to bed... Besides, not getting full hookup is often cheaper.
RV Park pros and cons

Paying the $25-35 dollars a night for a camping spot is only the beginning. REMEMBER we are paying a hefty note on this NEW MOTOR HOME OF OURS ANYWAY...and then there's Insurance, and then's there the tag, and then there's the extra gas, and then there's the CAMPING SPOT on top of that. It's not a cheap FUN....tis cheaper to stay in hotels when you add all that up, but it's one's preference as to what they CALL FUN. I have thought of the exact same things you have fishwater....but we camp nearby more often than away, since we are not retired and can do long weekends for not much in a georgous campground here in MS without driving forever, so taking a vacation at least ONCE a month is very appealing to us.

It all has it's pro's and con's for sure. I never thought FINDING affordable and really nice Campgrouds was so hard.

Happy Traveling, however you go. :blush:
RV Park pros and cons

how you like the hindu managment every where you go to motels? Me? it pssss's me off! a big positive staying in your own bed!! I say when I go in a campground and am confronted with Hindu Management I am done traveling!! Dave J :laugh:
RV Park pros and cons

I agree with Gary, if you are trying to put a price tag on sleeping in your own bed, enjoyable camp fire memories, meeting all different type people and getting out and enjoying some of the best places in America, than your doing it for all the wrong reasons :disapprove: :disapprove: . With a little more research and investigation before your trip i'm sure you will have a better time. But remember dont get tied up in the "chors" of camping, JUST HAVE FUN!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: . BTW i'm no expert this is just my three cents.

Enjoy life while you can!!!!