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Hi guys, newbie here.

I am considering renting a class C RV for a florida keys fishing trip and was wondering if you could share any things that you have about RV rentals. There will probably be 3 people fishing and we would like to have a generator on board. Are there any "hidden" costs that I should be looking out for? I've seen that there can be costs associated with generator time and dumping the tanks that most rental companies charge for. We will be driving to the Miami/Homestead are and will more than likely be renting in that area to keep the mileage down. Our vehicle that we drive down to florida in will allow us to make small errand trips. Also, are there any campgrounds in the keys that you would recommend?



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Re: RV Rental / Florida Keys

Hey H20, welcome to the forum. I recommend the Larry and Penny Thompson CG in South Miami. It's a public park campground and in Dec 2007 overnight with full hookups was $25. That's reasonable for the area.

The area around the park is a little run down and the houses all have bars or galvanized sheet metal over the windows. Even the nice new 3 bedroom homes. However, the security in the park is good and we didn't have any problems. The park is located about 20 miles or so North of Homestead, FL about a mile west of HWY 1.

Check out the park in www.RVparkreviews.com it's listed under Miami, FL. Our review is about the 4th or 5th review down. You have to click on see more reviews.