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I'm looking for another site like:


Not been able to find one yet. If you know of one, could you please let me know.

I'm interested in finding a SOLID RV manufacturer, with the intention of buying a fifth wheel for full-timing use. So far, I've found the following:

Arctic Fox
Holiday Rambler
Jayco Designer

If you are aware of an RV brand that is well built and also livable in through a New England winter, I would be most interested in your opinion. Thanks for your time.
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Innerstat, if you are going full time, don't get Jayco. They are not designed for full time and the warranty is void if Jayco finds out you use it for full time. You should consider these: New Horizon, Excel, Travel Supreme, Newmar, Teton, Mobile Suites, Carriage, King of the Road.
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Hello Ray,

I have been full timing in Fleetwood RVs for many, many years and have never has a problem with the trailers...

My present home is a 1995 Prowler by Fleetwood ..30.5 ft ... 5th wheel with one slide. Its very comfortable and roomy.. The winter this year has been exceptionally bad here ,, but I have had no problems at all with the trailer..

The winters here in northern Nevada are very much like the weather in the new england states.. sub-zero temps for weeks at the time, high winds off the mountains, lots of snow and ice storms... etc...

Of course in Raleigh, NC where you are, its a rare thing that you get a really harsh winter.. of course those ice storms back there on the east coast every ten years can be a real bugger bear.. :) :)

I had a house on "Mial St." in Raleigh, back in the 1960's
moved back home in Kinston in 1970 to operate family business....

Kinda miss that part of the country.. maybe one day I'll get back home.. :) :cool:



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Hey John,
Why do you stay do far north? I would think that you would be more to the south for the winter? I kept some pictures of show for the occasions that I feel the need to see some, but I sure don't miss the darned snow shovel!
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Hi Kirk,

I took some pictures also, but have yet to find a shovel to fit my hand.. :laugh: :laugh:

I used to move around a lot before health problems slowed me down..

Then I "snow birded" it for awhile, but each time I went south for the winter, CA and LV, I would really miss my friends .. So I decided to stay put in Carson City during the winter months and enjoy my friends,, then I didn't feel too bad when I traveled during the summer months..

I'm usually moving around at a steady pace during the summer months.
Hardly ever stay in one place for more than a week, and most times its only two or three days before I hit the road again..

I'm one of those weird ducks that likes to travel alone .
When I went with a "club" or other group, I had to stop where they wanted too and do the things the club wanted to do..
If I woke up at 2:am and wanted to travel on down the road, I felt guilty, like I was deserting the group.. so one day I just decided to go solo.. and have never regretted it..

But I always come back to Carson City every November and wait it out until the following April.. ( have to wait for the snow to melt in the mountain passes)

Can hardly wait for April to get here,, you guys stay warm and maybe I'll see you next summer.



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Hey John,

The snow should be melting! We are going to be in southern Indiana for most of the summer this year if you happen to travel that far east.