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Just a little information from previous experience. We have a 1996 Class A Coachman, parked at a campground. While there our motor home was broke into during the night while we were sleeping in the motor home. Our doors were both locked but not our windows. We are in Florida , we like to sleep with our windows open ,using the screens ,sometimes at night ,due to not using the air too much.This time they were all closed but not locked. The picnic table was pulled up to the window ,they opened the window and screen , pulled the shade up,reached in through the window, and stole my purse and my husbands wallet off the bench seat at the table. Luckily, we only had a total of $95.00 stolen , but our computer ,camera , cell phone was there, plus credit cards , drivers license. My purse was found about six hours later, without anything but my money taken. We were very fortunate, it could have been so much worse.
This is a very scary thing to think there are people bold enough to invade us like that. We now keep the windows locked and also put an expandable curtain rod in the windows so it can't be opened in case the locks don't work. We also make sure all the doors on the outside are all locked now.
I hope this helps someone to keep their property safe.

Steve H

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Sorry to hear of your experience but glad is was not worse and everyone is safe! Something to be said for having a dog along! Our little guy wouldn't hurt a fly but I think he sure would have raised a ruckus to alert us!
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Happy Travels to you too.
You are so right, times are changing. I remember not too many years ago when camping was safe and nobody bothered anything.
Have a great day!
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Thankyou for your concern!
That is very true about having a dog ! We have thought about that also ,as our dogs we had passed away. We just don't know if we are ready for another one yet ,at this time. One of the other campers that also had theirs broke into had three cats that alerted them. The cats actually scared the robbers off !
Have a great day!