RV Sales across America

If you were on the search for a new or pre owned RV is there a particular state you'd head to????? Are there more dealers down south, north, east, west or are they pretty well spread across the country?????.

My parents (aka Tassiedevil) will be arriving in your part of the world in the next couple of months and i'm trying to do a bit of my own research to help them out. I'm a huge fan of your country, having worked in a summer camp in Massachusetts (02-03) and i can't wait to return in 2007. Hopefully you guys can help me out with any "dumb" questions i may have for you.
Cheers. Kate.
RV Sales across America

Hi, I already have a pretty good idea what you can buy for the money my parents are prepared to spend, but................... if they were to fly into america from Australia in search of an RV, which area would they be better off flying into? East, west, south????? surely there is an area in america that is known for its abundance of rv dealers?????............... or not?????? Hope somebody can help us out??? Thanks :)
RV Sales across America

I'f you are talking sheer number of dealers then the states with the most are Texas, Florida, Georgia and California. But the best buy is not necessarily going to be in the state with the biggest selection. For example; Californis has more dealers than any other state but they tack on an additional "luxury tax" on top of their already high state taxes.