RV Storage in DFW


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I just started a new job and my first project is to develop a state-of-the-art RV storage facility from the ground up in northwest Dallas/Ft. Worth.

We want this to be an RV'er's "DREAM" storage facility with all the best amenities (high-tech security, water and sewer set up, washing station, 24 hour access, etc.) and ideal specs (mix of covered vs. enclosed, height and width of units, drive-in angles, how much space needed to maneuver around the units, etc). What would this facility need to be perfect?

This will be our first storage facility (and like I said, my first project here), so I would REALLY appreciate any color/suggestions anyone could provide on the subject.

Thanks in advance.


RV Storage in DFW

Hi Bob,
someone posted sometime back about building an Rv Park and wanted sugestions, I think that person wanted to build a high rise type of Rv park much like a parking lot the way I remember, I gave that some thought but never got around to posting until you wrote this and It reminded me of it.

I know this probably is not what you are interested in as I think you are referring to storage and not an actuall RV park, however since I'm on here I will give you my thoughts on the other persons inquiry and maybe someone can suggest some ides on both.

My thoughts about the multi storied RV complex in my way of thinking would have to be built over looking a scenic beach and I think it would have to be built over a large shopping mall much like the mall of america, the public would have access to the mall but not to the RV park built above the mall, I could visulize the RV unit being lifted by elevator to the RV location that would be open all around much like a multi storied Car parking lot, where the RVers ould park their unit and be able to have a view of the ocean much like renting a condo for a week, however the RV users would have their own elevators that could only be accesed only by the RV park regesterd guest and would take them out to street level or down to the malls for shopping and eating at their favorite reastrauant, with a Rv store such as Camping world would also be a nice thing for a mall like this. just some thoughts in the mean time I will think about your inquiry. Later Jim