RV type for 1 year full timing

[tcr] I will retire from the military in 1 year and my wife and I intend to travel for a year crisscorssing the U.S. looking for the perfect second career/retirement spot. Our itinerary has us moving every one to two days, but only driving for a couple hours till we hit the next prospective community. We think we want a class A and intend to tow a dingy to be able to fully explore each community. To anyone who has done something similar we&#039d appreciate a reality check or hard lessons learned. Will a Class C reasonably tow a dingy? Has anyone experience full timing with a Safari Trek? We are currently stationed overseas and don&#039t have the luxury of visting RV lots and kicking tires!
RV type for 1 year full timing

[Will] First, I&#039m no expert--just started full-timing. But here are some thoughts. Read. Read RV books & mag&#039s (Motor Home, FMCA, etc). Get all the military camping books & stuff from Military Living publications (PX/BX/AAFES/NEX). Determine if you need a gas of diesel rig. I have a really nice gas 35 ft Suncruiser, towing a Jeep Cherokee, but would druther go diesel, particularly if you climb them thar hills...pulling a toad up & it pushing you down t&#039other side. Breaking camp every few days might get old (or you will). But do what you need to do. Unless you have experience with RV&#039ing, I would really recommend going to shows (o&#039seas, or here in USA) to allow the female to select her floorplan & colors. The male has no opinion on this. He selects systems, engines, & other toys. Trust me. Whether you buy used or new, camp locally for a week or so near the selling dealer--so you can go back with the punch list & get stuff fixed BEFORE (as in withhold some $$) you make the final purchase payment & go off to the boonies. Consider purchasing an extended warranty as PART of the purchase agreement. When planning your trip, ask the dealer where you can get the rig repaired enroute (chassis & the Box) when (not if) something breaks. How about the administrative stuff: Bills, mail, phones/pager, emer contact, etc.? One of the best sources I&#039ve found are fellow RV&#039ers---just ask how they do all this stuff; most are more than willing to help out. Most important, have fun.