RV vs Oak Tree

We recently went on a weekend camping trip, in our Daybreak by Damon MH and unfortunately got caught under a low hanging branch :(

We tore about 6 feet of the top rear left side & corner. The repair included replacing the entire roof, including the sheet metal, and rubber roof. We just got it back. It sure is different in look and feel from the original roof. We are wondering if replacing the original roof is going to make it more prone to problems in the future...especially with leaking.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Any advice appreciated.


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my trailer neglected to have the roof sealed at the factory, and had to have the entire roof replaced. I didn't have any problems with leaking after the repair. Depends on the quality of the work, I guess.
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zanali, Welcome to the forum. If your new roof has a textured feel to it, quit worring. We have it on our new trailers. Technically it is a vinyl roof, but in the RV industry, it still falls under the rubber roof catagory. In our new trailers, we still have a 12 year warranty. The old rubber (EPDM) roof would actually absorb water when it rained. On our 21' trailer, Gulf Stream found out when wet, it added 80 pounds. The new vinyl will not absorb water. You should be fine.
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I had a leak in my Southwind living room slide out that I messed with for 4 years trying to fix. Any time it rained I had to pull the slideout in a few inches so the rain would run off the backside. I posted a question on how to fix it in the Tech Tips forum and was told to get some Eternabond tape. Their website is: www.eternabond.com. I ordered a roll and when I got it I was amazed. It is the stickiest stuff I have ever worked with. But the sticky side has a plastic coating on it that you pull off as you place the tape over the area to be sealed. They have two different types for sealing roofs on an RV, one with and one without UV coating. I got the one without because my slide has a topper on it so it isn't exposed to sunlight. So if you do run into any problems with a leak I suggest you check this website out. I am totally impressed with the quality of this product. And I don't impress easily.

Grandview: What is the best way to seal one of the new rubber roofs. I have an '02 Southwind and it has the new textured roof but I still like the idea of making sure it is UV protected. I clean it 2 or 3 times a year with Murphy's Oil Soap and lots of water.

Good Luck.
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I met one of the guys from Dicor, one of the makers of EPDM, a few years ago at the Louisville RV show. He told me to wash it with mild soap and do nothing else. I understand that they do have a treatment now for when the roof starts loosing its white color. A fellow I went to school with bought a used Jayco and the roof had black areas. (Probably been washed with harsh cleaners.) They sent him a treatment that would replace the white color. He had just gotten it the last time I talked to him. I need to find out if he has used it yet.