RV Warrantees

RV Warrantees

No personal experience BUT if you are talking about extended warranties and they are anything like the ones for used cars and trucks then they probably aren't worth the paper they're written on.
RV Warrantees

do you remember the names of the administrators and underwriters? I have no doubt that there are bad ones out there, Im hoping someone is though honest.


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RV Warrantees

If you want to evaluate the "extended warranties" for RVs, you must read them very carefully and be sure that you understand what you are buying. What the really are is a health insurance policy on the RV. There are both good and bad ones out there, but as a general rule, the lower the price, the less likely it is that you will be satisfied. Remember that what they do is to protect you from a major expense, they very seldom save you money unless you have a major disaster with your RV. But they do help many owners to sleep well in the knowledge that if the worst happens, you will not have to give up the use of your RV. If you are interested, there is an article about the choice of whether or not to purchase an extended warranty and how to do so, that was published in Escapees Magazine and it is posted on the web site in my signature. It can be found in the "Full-time RV living" section.
RE: RV Warrantees

Here is one to stay away from. In August of 2006 I purchased an extended waranty from Warranty Experts. I made a down payment and signed a contract to pay monthly payments for the balance. In Dec 2006 I had a service facility call in a claim request and they were told I had no valid contract. Seems the agent, RV Insurance Solutions, neglected to provide RV Shield with the necessary documentation. In fact, it was not provided for over 120 days. I attempted to solve the problem through Warranty Experts and was told it was not their problem, it was mine, and they hung up on me. Today I find out that on Dec 29, my policy was finally put in force, with the effective date still in August, but with a restriction that I cannot file a claim for 30 days and 1000 miles after Dec. 29. The fight is not over!

Jim Johnson