RV Wax or Cleaner

I want to clean the outside of my RV while I have it stored for winter. My RV is metal and fiberglas both, has anyone ever used "Star Brite RV Color & Finish Restorer". I hear it is good but never used it. I found it here on the web and it runs $25.95 per gallon.
RV Wax or Cleaner

Be sure that it has no petroleum bases if you have decal type striping or decoration on your unit. If it does, it will ruin the decals ;)
RV Wax or Cleaner

The Star Brite Product is one of the best I have found and does a wonderful job.

I have used it on my RV and in the last have used it on my airplane.

The only advice I can give is do small areas at a time and use soft towel buffing rags.

Walley world has an electric bufer/polisher thats great and it uses disposable pads. Saves a lot of elbow grease.
RV Wax or Cleaner

Thanks for the advise guys. I do have decals that came with the RV, kind of pin strips. Think it would harm those ?
RV Wax or Cleaner

Here is the information on the Star Bright Cleaning Products. I looked at several and this "tj trailers" is the only one that had it by the gallon.


Product code: 44803

Price: $25.95
"Specifically formulated for fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Restores original color and luster. Cleans, restores, shines and protects in one step. Excellent for protecting new RV finishes; removes black streaks. Gallon."