Rv Wireing mess


I have a 1983 37 ft class A on a chevy 454 platform made by a company called 'The Establishment'. I have a wire some idiot connected to a cylinoid mounted on the passenger side of the engien compartment all the at the top. This wire goes to my radio. I double checked to make sure it goes no where else. Found someone rigged it up with 3 connections. One is some aftermarket wire going to the radio. 2 goes to the power side of the cylinoid above the engien. 3 goes deep into the firewall. I can't seem to turn the ignition on now. When I use a power probe on this wire I hear a click from a second set of cylinoids in the front compartment that is mounted on the same wall the radiator sits on and all the lights come on, and so does the ignition when the key is turned. What is going on?
Rv Wireing mess

Sometimes they used solenoids to isolate the coach batteries from the chassis battery. My guess regarding the radio is that someone installed it aftermarket and that is where they decided to pick up the 12V for it.


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Rv Wireing mess

As an electromechanical tech., there just isn't any way to know what you need to do without knowing a lot more. Have you checked to see if the contacts of the solenoid close and make a good contact? If you read across the contacts it should read some high value like 10K ohms or more when they are open and near 0 ohms when closed. You can check the contacts by using a jumper to supply 12V power to the control side. It is likely that the contacts are open when no power is supplied, but you can't be sure without checking. Also, what does it supply power to? How large a lead is it? It is very common for motorhomes to have several solenoids on the firewall. Mine has three that perform different functions.
Rv Wireing mess

I am now holding both of the solenoids. They were wired together, and have only 3 terminals on each one. After doing some research, I am wondering if these are battery disconnect solenoids? They are exactly the same and even have the same part number. They connect to a large set of wires that power the coach and the engien. None of the auto part stores know what to do with them, and can't match the part numbers.
The numbers are as follow,


To describe them, looking at them from the front. On the left side is a large terminal that says BATT. In the middle facing me is a small terminal that says nothing. To the right is another large terminal that was connected to the ground wire. They were wired together with a jumper wire on each side going to the large terminals.
Also the O's in the part number might be a zero, or an O. I am not sure.
Rv Wireing mess

Ok now that I have looked into it even more I find these are two continous ground solenoids. They were both hooked in together. Why would they wire two solenoids together?