RVing Full Time. Has anyone seen this?


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Hello fellow RVers,

I just ran into this site


They offer an e-book that shows you
ways to earn an income while rving,
I was wondering if anyone has purchased
it yet, I really love taking vacations
in my RV and I'd love to earn some money
doing it too so I am interested in this
material but I would love to hear your
opinions first before I make a purchase.
Thank you for any input you can give
this old man. :)


Vern M

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RVing Full Time. Has anyone seen this?

As one who made a living by my own wits and such talent as I have for most of my "working days," may I say that "How to" books are written for a single reason. That is to make money for the writer and publisher of the books.

You don't need anyone's advice other than that of a CPA and, perhaps, attorney (if you CPA says so) in order to make a living on your own. You just need drive, discipline and a keen eye to see what needs to be done and what you can do best.

Worked for me and I'm no Einstein.

Good luck.



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RVing Full Time. Has anyone seen this?

Remember the old saying! If it sounds too good good to be true, then it is not true....

Keep your money, and I think Vern is right about who is earning the money, the writer and publishers, good point.

Happy R.V.ing!


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RVing Full Time. Has anyone seen this?

Well said, Vern. And there are also already many books available which have earned a reputation. So if you want one I think that I would at least get one that has been around for a while.

Good travelin! ......Kirk