RVing in a wheelchair

Has anyone seen or do you know of an RV that can be modified
to have a wheelchair lift? I want one I can operate completely
on my own, which means a lift, wide enough isles for the chair,
and hand controls so I can drive.

I haven't seen anything online, and I'm seriously considering
buying a commercial box van with a cargo lift on the back,
and having a carpenter do the insides as an RV.

Any suggestions?
RVing in a wheelchair

Start checking manufacturers' web sites. I know Winnebago will do any kind of modification you need with no charge for the engineering, just the materials and extra labor. Many others will do the same if you ask. Finding a used unit might be a little trickier, but they are out there.
RVing in a wheelchair

Four Winds has a wheelchair accessible model 34W with larger entry door, open aisles, and easy to get in/out bath and queen bed, or with a twin bed option. RV Today had a segment about a couple where the husband modified several things in an existing RV to accomodate the wife's MS. I think MH did an article on the same couple recently. There are many aftermarket wheelchair lift products available and most have websites. Bottom line is that it appears you can accomodate most if not all disabilities so everyone can enjoy the RV life.
RVing in a wheelchair

Thanks for the tips. The Four Winds model says it needs
a nondisabled person to run the lift. I'll have to look
into why. The Winnebago looks a bit out of my price
range, but I'll check into it.