RVing in Canada


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Helo all,

I'm planning on a trip in Canada with an RV in summertime with my family (wife and 2 kids)
I have to be in Toronto and would like to start from there.
We are planning for 3 weeks.

I'm having difficulties to figure out what things i absolutely must see.
We love nature, walking, spectacular views, mountains, falls,...

Also, i'm not sure if Toronto would be a good starting point to see things. Or should i take a flight to another location and go from there...

Also, i was searching for travel stories and road maps, but they seem hard to find in the net.

Any useful links, recommendations etc are welcome

thanks for any feedback.


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Re: RVing in Canada

Canada is a very large Country in area. 3 weeks is not enough time to see it all. Are you flying into Toronto then renting an RV or what? This could make a very big difference. Do you wish to travel only in Ontario or travel elsewhere?


is a link to one of the best online maps, click on the area you wish to look at and drag it to the center then increase the resolution to see the highways towns and streets. Each Province has a web page on the tourist attractions etc. like http://www.ontariotravel.net/ & http://www.bonjourquebec.com/qc-en/accueil0.html all the States in USA have the same sort of setup