RVing in/near Yellowstone

We are planning on exploring the Yellowstone area this summer for 2 weeks. We have a 34 ft. 5th wheel with 2 slides. We made reservations at Fishing Bridge. We were told they couldn't guarantee that our RV would fit with the 2 slides. After researching we're worried we won't fit and if we do, we will be packed in - not the nature experience I had hoped for. Any suggestions for others who have camped in the area?

P.S. I had no problem making a reservation now for July.


Steve H

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RE: RVing in/near Yellowstone

We too are planning a Yellowstone visit in August. I have been through Yellowstone on my scooter...camped at Grants Village but just started the RV thing last summer! (getting old)What RV's I noticed at the Village were less than 34 ft. Grants Village also has no hookups. There are restrooms/showers. A nice restaurant close by.

I have never been to Fishing Bridge but I have read on several forums that the sites at Fishing Bridge are very cramped. Others say it's a great location but we opted to stay in West Yellowstone at Grizzly RV. It is located right at the West entrance to Yellowstone. Not too far for a few day trips through the park.

Best of luck...have a great and safe trip!

Nancy, If you don't do this already, try using Google Earth to view the different parks. You can see both Fishing Bridge and Grizzly. Sometimes the views are not very good but I find it really helpful! I was able to find all my reserved spots for our Oregon Coast trip. Made it really easy!

DL Rupper

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Re: RVing in/near Yellowstone

Hey all, Cody WY is an option also. Fun town, but fairly long climb to Yellowstone. However, the back road, WY 296 into Yellowstone's Lamar Valley is a FANTASTIC ride. We saw a wolf and grizzly ma with a cub in Lamar Valley last time we were up there. However, the back road is not suitable for taking your RV. Lots of commercial campgrounds in Cody.

We like West Yellowstone too. Really close to the Yellowstone Park Entrance.

We used to go to Yellowstone up through Jackson Hole, WY (45 years ago), but Jackson Hole got too pricey.

Another option is to stay in the Grand Teton Nat'l Park, Colter Bay Nat'l Park RV Campground and ride over to Yellowstone. No hookups, unless you stay in the Colter Bay commercial campground.
RE: RVing in/near Yellowstone

Thanks Steve for the info. I've checked out Grizzly and also found another cg, Flagg Ranch. Because we're coming from the East (NY), it would be easier and a little closer to stay at Flagg. I've made a reservation so we're all set. Thanks for the great suggestion of Google Earth. We were able to check out several cgs using it.